Diane Henry
Diane Henry has been working with fabric since her grandmother taught her how to hand piece her first nine-patch block at age four. A blue ribbon winning hand quilter, she discovered machine quilting in the late 1990’s and has never looked back.
Diane loves sharing her passion for machine quilting with others around the world. She works with quilting groups and shops leading classes for beginners and advanced quilters and organizing workshops; conducts lectures, classes and demonstrations at quilt shows; and serves as one of the moderators of the Pro-Stitcher® Yahoo group, supporting Pro-Stitcher owners.
A professional machine quilter since 2007, Diane purchased her first longarm, an HQ Sixteen® with Pro-Stitcher in 2008. She now uses an HQ Infinity® with Pro-Stitcher and an HQ Sweet Sixteen® to further expand her creative options.
Diane lives in Northern Virginia with her husband, Terry and dachshunds, Senya and JJ.

ALL 7 CLASSES! - Individual classes are $30 each  - Sign up for all  7 HQ classes for all 4 days - just $200

Wednesday, February 20th from 9:30 to 12:30 - SIT DOWN MACHINE QUILTING BASICS-
This class is not just for midarms and longarms.  If you want to know more about quilting on your domestic machine then this class is for you! 
But if you long for more space, we will have a Sweet Sixteen set up for you to try.
Are you unsure if you are “doing it right”? Come discover how the HQ Sweet Sixteen® machine, plus tools and tips, can improve the quality of your work and the pleasure of
your quilting experience. The machine’s features make free-motion quilting a breeze, and additional creative feet and
gadgets open a whole new world beyond meandering.  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• Built-in machine features and stitch regulation with TruStitch™
• Bobbins, tension, needles, and threads
• Pattern application and Golden Threads®paper
• Basting layers and manipulating the quilt
• Creative machine feet, rulers, and gadge

Wednesday, February 20th - from 1:30 to 4:30 - STAND-UP LONGARM MACHINE QUILTING BASICS
Does longarm quilting interest you, and you’d like to learn more about it? Or do you just want a review of longarm
basics? This class removes the mystery of longarm quilting by explaining machine and frame elements and features,how to load a quilt, and vital facts about thread, needles and tension. Handi Quilter longarm and frame systems comein various sizes for every budget, are user-friendly because they are designed by a quilter, for quilters – just like you!  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• Basic machine and frame elements and features
• Bobbins, tension, needles, and thread
• How to load a quilt onto a frame
• Quilting with Groovy Boards and pantographs
• Rulers, Micro Handles, and basic free motion

Thursday, February 21st from 9:30 to 12:30 -FAST, FUN, AND FABULOUS FREE MOTION QUILTING
Quilters everywhere LOVE the excitement and fun of free motion quilting – and it’s easier than you think! Create
flowing designs by connecting simple design elements with continuous lines, traveling across the quilt or filling in a
specific area. Learn how drawing and muscle memory contribute to beautiful free motion quilting, and how to create
stunning designs.  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• How to develop an inventory of free motion designs
• Proper scaling and spacing of design elements
• Edge to edge free motion quilting
• Adjusting your quilting path to create your own new designs
• Using Micro Handles for free-motion control

Thursday, February 21st from 1:30 to 4:30 - CREATIVE TEXTURES AND FILLS
Meandering is the easiest and most common filler for background space – but there are countless other creative
design elements to use instead. Come expand your design portfolio by learning the stitch path of a wide variety of creative filler designs. Learn which designs lend themselves best to micro-quilting, and how to use Micro Handles for best results.  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• Select appropriate fills to complement design style
• Create special effects with different fillers
• Scale the fill design size appropriately
• Evenly place and space fills
• Effectively use HQ Micro Handle

Friday, February 22nd from 9:30 to 12:30 - NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK
Handi Quilter continually adds new rulers to the line-up and you will welcome them with open arms. Come learn abouttheir features, how to use them and what you can accomplish with this cadre of handy new rulers. Sized to fit your hand and designed to make ruler work easier, you’ll be reaching for these rulers again and again!  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• Customize your quilt with crosshatching and straight-line quilting from every angle.
• Develop an inventory of arc designs you’ll love.
• Perfect pebbles are now in reach.
• Reshape the clamshell for an updated modern look.
• Learn about how stitch-in-the-ditch quilting can be both fun and easy to do

Friday, February 22nd from 1:30 to 4:30  - QUILTING BEYOND THE DESIGN
Begin with a basic design from a stencil, a ruler or template, an applique, a fabric print, a cookie cutter or a shape you
draw yourself. Then, learn to transform that design from basic to spectacular by extending, expanding, and adding
secondary designs, repeats, fills and special effects. Learn marking techniques and tools for applying designs to quilt tops.  Cost of this class -  $30.00.
• How to mark and use stencils as design foundations
• How to transfer doodles from paper to quilting
• Enhance a design with fillers and embellishments
• Use marked grids as a design foundation and road map
• Draw inspiration from fabric prints

Saturday, February 23rd from 9:30 to 4:30 -  This is an all day class! - AVANCED PROSTITCHER
The beauty of having the best computerized quilting system on the market means never having to run out of background fills.  Diane will demonstrate how the HQ ProStitcher Premium features of Resize, Repeat, Crop, Skew, XForm, Record and Mark can be used to create background fills to add impact and interest to your next quilted project.

As the afternoon progresses to the ultimate custom quilting challenge for computerized quilting.  Learn how to use purchased designs and your own creations to quilt the popular Dream Big Panel from Hoffman.  For advanced ProSticher users.   Bring your questions, and pick Diane Henrys Brain while she's with us :)  We will take a break for lunch.  Cost for this all day class - $55.00
Bring your questions, and pick Diane Henrys Brain while she's with us :)  We will take a break for lunch. 
Cost for this all day class - $55.00